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HANASCO teach you how to use electric toothbrush
Responsive image 2016-12-10

  Electric toothbrush more expensive than manual toothbrush,but the clean efficiency is good. If want to give full play to the role of the electric toothbrush,reaches its goal of the maximal value,you need know the correct method of using the electric toothbrush.HANASCO will let you know how to use the electric toothbrush,include brushing method,the dosage of toothpaste and charging method:

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method of application:

1、rush teeth one by one

  When brushing teeth, take toothbrush as train,teeth as the pathway,the train leaves section by section, the teeth need clean down one by one.we think the way is good. If the toothbrush is a broom, need manual cleaning, then the electric toothbrush more like vacuum cleaner,although can automatic clean dirt, but must manual to make it cover each tooth.
  At present there are two kinds of electric brush head on the market, one is the long brush head of manual toothbrush used widely,at a time can brush 2-3 tooth, this brush head take advantage of the two dimensional vibration to drive the flow,wash the slit between the teeth. The other one is cup-shaped brush head,small and round, the size can cover each teeth.this round brush head can support by 3D vibration turning technology.when the round brush head cover the tooth surface,not only the vibration of high efficiency before and after can smash the tooth surface dirt,and the vibration of the left-right direction help you clear away every teeth,more than a dimension of the vibration, the clean power improve a lot.

2、Three times inside, three times outside,and chewing surfaces three times

  Our tooth have three surface are bare-lateral surface,medial surface,chewing surface,and the narrow dental between the tooth and tooth.normal we pay extra attention to the white of the tooth surface, but ignores the chewing surfaces and medial surface of food particles stay most.
  Correct methods:when washing a tooth,let electric brush head on the each tooth surface stay for a few seconds,don’t pass any gaps.usually,we advise stay in the part of the molar tooth more time,after all, we eat food with molar tooth more time,easy to leave food scraps.

3、brush your teeth up,down,left and right every thirty seconds

  The electric toothbrush is fine,but use time is not as long as possible,otherwise will cause gum and teeth surface wear, even cause bleeding gums.but brush your teeth short time, again afraid brush not clean.
  Professional dentists recommend the brushing time for two minutes is good,our experience is that divide the teeth into on the left,right,lower left and right four areas.each area uniform distribute thirty seconds.perfect!But how accurate time,did you look at the watch when you brush your teeth every time?
  At this time, the electric toothbrush with timing prompt function is very considerate.HANASCO electric toothbrush will vibration to remind you every 30 seconds,please notice it when you brushing.

4、pay attention to moderate

  We always think the clean power of the electric toothbrush is good,so hard to brush your teeth,think will white quickly.but the gum often bleeds.in fact the dentist suggest:don’t hard to brush your teeth, it will wear tooth surface and gum, so whether electric toothbrush or traditional toothbrush, please remember moderate when brushing your tooth.

other use problems:

do the electric toothbrush need toothpaste?

  Brush your teeth with toothpaste is more effective,electric toothbrush only improve the efficiency of cleaning teeth by the physical means/mechanical means.when using with toothpaste will meet the user maximize needs to the oral care.the toothpaste with different effect in the market,please choose it according to your needs.
  The newcomer of use an electric toothbrush need pay attention to : When the electric toothbrush apply the toothpaste,turn on the power after the toothbrush in your mouth,and turn off the power before take it out of your mouth(general the electric toothbrush will auto power-off two minutes later),otherwise the frequency of the vibrations of thousands times per minute will splashed with bubbles on the face.

how to recharge electric toothbrush?

  If one day your electric toothbrush run not so good as ever,please recharge it in time.bear in mind,don’t break the charging process,once full of it is best.don’t plug or unplug toothbrush casually.
  Finally,do the electric toothbrush will leakage? When using it,get an electric shock,how to do?
  Now the electric toothbrush all adopt induction charging.it like as ogle between the lovers,all of the current surging hidden in a calm exterior.This charging way avoid direct contact between induction charger and charger.more safety and reliable.

the replacement of brush head

  The brush head of electric toothbrush is consumable,manual toothbrush need to change regularly.electric toothbrush is no exception.
  Professional dentist recommend the brush head need to change every three month.HANASCO brush head has the color-changing blue brush,when the blue change to white, it is to remind you: dear, you need change the brush head now.