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HANASCO popular science: children and pregnant women how to use electric toothbrush
Responsive image 2016-12-10

  Pregnant women and children are two most in need of care groups, also need to care mouth health.pregnant women often bleeding gums when brushing tooth, children don’t like to brush tooth when they are teething,how to do it?Now we share you the pregnant women and children how to brush your teeth,how to brush your teeth with electric toothbrush.

  Pregnant women often bleeding gum when brushing teeth,don’t worry it, this is pregnancy gingivitis. So you need to notice oral health when you pregnancy,be careful to clean. In view of the special physical condition, one soft toothbrush can care for oral better.the bristles need soft,be very carefully controlled when you brushing, avoid scratch gums.

  If you have use electric toothbrush at ordinary times,you can use sensitive mode when you pregnancy period,can be more security and trust.Through the flow cleaning by sound wave,soft and clean gum thoroughly, at the same time will not have any damage on the gums.

  children don’t like to brush tooth when they are teething,how to do it?oral health is very important in childhood.in order to let them like brushing teeth,you need to create a interesting way of brushing their teeth. In children’s teeth growth period, you need choose children’s brush head, it can soft clean,and protect the development of teeth.

  Children’s electric toothbrush, according to the different age groups,custom brush mode.for more than four years old or under the age of seven,they are all baby teeth, need to choose low mode, more than seven years children,will choose high mode.