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HANASCO Let You Know:Electric Toothbrush Is Really Good?
Responsive image 2016-12-10

The Five Advantages of Electric Toothbrush:

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1、Cleaning ability - traditional toothbrush is difficult to remove dental plaque thoroughly, plus the inappropriate brushing method, will take away from the clean effect. Experiments show that an electric toothbrush has 38% more than what a manual toothbrush cleans ,the cleaning ability has been unanimously endorsed by the dental experts.

2、Comfortable feeling -an inappropriate brushing method will usually make our gum uncomfortable.electric toothbrush will bring slight vibration with high speed rotation,can improve blood circulation,bring unexpected massage effect on gingival tissues.you will feel comfortable after you hands-on experience.

3、Reducing damage - Using the ordinary toothbrush,you need control the brushing strength,so hard to avoid using too much strength,or using the incorrect brush method, which will cause damage to teeth and gums. Experiments show that an electric toothbrush can reduce about sixty percent brushing strength, drop 62% frequency of Gingivitis and gums bleeding , make brushing process more safe and effective.

4、White and beautiful --- electric toothbrush can effectively reduce stains caused by tea, drink coffee and bad dental condition , restore the original teeth color. And this adjustment is by your gradual teeth brushing,not immediate effects,so it will not cause any damage to the teeth.

5、Convenient to use ---usually everyone is not energetic in the morning or before sleeping, and can not guarantee the brushing time and the correct brushing action,will take away from the dental care effect. Electric toothbrush can solute this problem.The brush head can rotate automatically, has an ergonomic design to ensure the effective and convenient.